My old website was good, but had been around for a few years and was starting to look a bit long in the tooth. It was pretty comprehensive, included absolutely everything I’ve ever done, with loads of lists – and therein lay the problem.

Everyone who’s ever been involved with the entertainment business, however peripherally, will know that it’s quite hard to get people (and by people, I mean execs, producers – you know, suits) to read anything. Properly, that is, from beginning to end, taking it all in. I hesitate to bring the 45th. president into it, but like him, they’d ideally like to see all writing presented as a series of bull points, possibly with accompanying pictures. It’s understandable actually – we live in a rushed and insecure world, where time is at a premium (so if you’re an exec reading this, I understand, I understand!) En passant, talking of time pressures, I read the other day about a book published by a ‘reality star’ that not only had she not written, but hadn’t actually read!

My new site is a bit more than a series of bull points, but it is a short and easy read, and succinctly sums up what I’ve done and what I can do. There are handy links to actual animation episodes, as well as my social media pages, and information about contacting me and my agent. Everything you need to know really – I hope you enjoy! (props to Niki Peach Design, who put it all together.)


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