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Animation writer, script editor, screenwriter, author, educator

I have been a writer for most of my professional life. Specialising in animation, I have scripted, developed and/or edited over 40 successful shows including the original THUNDERCATS, Gerry Anderson's LAVENDER CASTLE, BOB THE BUILDER (co-developed/wrote Bible) KING ARTHUR'S DISASTERS (BAA/BAFTA nominated) DENNIS AND GNASHER (Series Editor) and JUNGLE BOOK. Shows I have worked on recently include GASTROGNOMES, TURBOZAURS, FRUITS AND VEGGIES, JOAN ALONE and ORKYNS.

My YA novel KATZERS: CLAWS OF FURY was originally published by Bloomsbury, and is now available as first of a Trilogy on Amazon. Books for adults written with Peter Lawrence include IT'S YOUR MONEY IN MY POCKET, DEAR, NOT MINE IN YOURS and ENGULFED IN A TIDE OF FILTH (Quartet) and Keith Moon bio FULL MOON (Faber & Faber.) Other books include dystopian fantasy series FRANKENSTEIN VIGILANTE, horror trilogy BLOOD, FANGS AND CLAWS and black comedy FLASH CHORD.

I have also mentored at many scriptwriting workshops including Pygmalion Labs (2004) Prime4Kids&Family (2010-2013) and the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (2014-2016.)